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View my payslips on the Sage HR web portal
View my payslips on the Sage HR web portal

How to view your payslips (wage slips) or P60s as an employee on Sage HR website via an Internet browser.

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Once your employer publishes your payslips you can log in to Sage HR to view current and historical payslips. You can also download and save PDF copies of them.

📎NOTE: You must create a login from your welcome email before you can access your payslips.

📎NOTE: Are you using your phone to view your payslips?

The steps in this guide are about viewing payslips via the Sage HR website on a computer. If you're using your phone to access your payslips, please download the Sage HR app to access your payslips.

How to get to your payslips and P60s

  1. Log in to Sage HR.

    📌TIP: Can't log in? There are some checks you should make.

  2. On the main menu click Payslips & P60s.

  3. Click Payslips or P60s at the top to view whichever it is you want to access.

    You can either:

View the payslip/P60 within Sage HR

  1. Next to the relevant payslip or P60, click the list icon, which is three dots.

  2. Click View to see the Payslip online in the software.

    This then opens up your payslip to view in Sage HR Online Services.

    📌TIP: You can quickly download the payslip from this page. Click Save as PDF.

📎NOTE: If you're using your phone, you may be unable to view all of the payslip. Please download and use the Sage HR app.

Download the payslip/P60 as a PDF

Either click on the three dots on the relevant payslip, then click Download.

Or you may have the option to click Download immediately.

For more details about how to download one or multiple payslips/P60s, use our guide, Download payslips and P60s.

📎NOTE: If you can't see your Payslip or P60 speak directly to your employer as they may not have uploaded them yet.

Common queries about accessing payslips

Take a look at answers to common queries to do with payslips by employee users. Such as what to do if you can't log in, or if the payslips you're looking for aren't there.

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