When your employer uploads your payslips or P60s to Sage HR Online Services, you can view them on a computer via the Sage HR website, or you can view them on the Sage HR app.

If you log in and you can't see any payslips listed, you can't see your latest payslip listed, or your previous payslips aren't showing either, for example, you can't see a payslip for March 2022, there are some checks you should make.

Below is an example of what it looks like on the Sage HR app when there are no payslips available to view for a selected period.


Almost every instance of you not being able to see a payslip or P60 is because it hasn't been uploaded or it has been deleted, so to resolve it your employer will need to upload it. This is why it is likely you need to contact your employer to resolve this issue.

Before you contact them, there are some checks you can make. Click on these checks below:

Access Sage HR a different way

See whether your payslips/P60s show when accessing Sage HR Online Services another way:

  • Try a different internet browser - For example, try Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge, etc.

  • Try a different device - For example, if you're using the Sage HR app on your phone, check whether you can see them when logged into the website version on a computer via sage.hr/signin or even try a different phone or computer

📎NOTE: If you can see your payslips on the Sage HR website, but not the Sage HR app, please uninstall and reinstall the app. If the issue persists only on the app please contact your employer.

If you still can't see the payslips you're looking for, on either the Sage HR website or mobile app, move on to the next section.

Clear cookies and cache

If you're trying to access your payslips via sage.hr/signin, sometimes it can be because of your cache and cookies on your internet browser. Clear the cache and cookies on your computer's internet browser to see if they show after.

Once you've done this log out then log back in. If you still can't see your payslips after doing this, move on to the next section.

Contact your employer

If you have tried the steps above and you still can't find the payslips or P60s that you're looking for, you must get in touch with the person who processes your payroll.

It is possible that they haven't uploaded your payslips yet, there was a problem with the upload, or they deleted the payslip in Sage HR Online Services.

Either way, only they can resolve this for you with their admin access to Sage payroll software.

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