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How to create and edit a task for one or multiple employees.

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Tasks are a useful way to communicate to colleagues that something needs to be done.

Sometimes in Sage HR when you use certain features, a task is automatically created, for example, when someone submits a time off request, a task is created for their time off approver.

If there is a specific task you want to create for an individual or multiple employees, you can manually create one too.

Add a task

  1. On the top right click on the ➕.

  2. Click New task.

  3. Select to assign the task to either a Specific employee or to Multiple employees.

  4. Once you have selected your employee(s), give the task a title, and if required enter a description too.

  5. If the task needs to be done by a certain date, select a deadline date.

  6. You can require this task to need an attachment. Select Require attachment.

    When enabled, this task can only be completed by attaching a document. This document links to this task and also appears under Documents.

  7. Choose whether you want to be notified by email when the task has been completed.

  8. Choose whether you want to notify the employee by email that they have a new task.

  9. Click Add.

Once a task has been created it will show in the employee's Dashboard in My tasks.

Edit a task

Sometimes you may want to edit a task, for example to change a deadline date for it. This can be done, but only by someone with administrator access.

  1. On the top left search for the employee who has the task that needs editing.

  2. Go onto their profile and on the profile menu click Tasks.

  3. Alongside the task click on the pencil icon.

  4. You can amend the title, description, deadline date, and/or select or de-select whether you want it to require an attachment.

  5. Once done, click Save.

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