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Add new training

How to add training for yourself or another employee, as well as attend existing training events.

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When training is required for an employee, or you believe there is training you require yourself, you can add this training. You can also choose to attend an existing training event.

How to add new training

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click My profile.

    If you're adding training for someone else, go to their profile.

  2. On the profile menu click Training.

  3. Click Add training.

    If you add training for someone else, you can select just that person or multiple employees.

  4. Enter a title for the training, and if necessary enter any training details.

  5. Select a Training format.

  6. Select a Payment type.

    📎NOTE: If there is no payment type to select, an admin must link the training type to a payment type.

  7. Enter a cost.

  8. Select whether the training date will be a single day or multiple days, then enter the relevant dates.

  9. If required, enable an expiry date for this training using the toggle.

    If you toggle on an expiry date you can choose a specific date, e.g. 3/2/2025, or after a certain period e.g. one year after the training date.

    📎NOTE: If you set a date, it can only be after the training date.

  10. If relevant, add an attachment, Click Choose file, browse to the file then click Open.

  11. If required, select Require proof of completion once training is completed.

  12. If you are adding training for someone else, you can select to notify the employee by email.

  13. Click Save.

Once added, under Training there are three tabs:

  • To be completed

  • Completed

  • Expired

📌TIP: When you click the Actions dropdown you can do the following:

  • Mark the training as complete

  • Edit the training

  • View the changelog, which lists any changes made to the training

  • Delete the training

How to attend a training event

You can also choose to attend an upcoming training event on this page.

If you want to attend simply click Respond, then Yes, I'll be there. If you change your mind or can no longer go, click Yes, I'll be there, then on the drop-down click Decline.

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