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Link a training type to a payment type
Link a training type to a payment type

How to link a training type to payment types for training.

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To be able to add training, a training type needs to be linked with a payment type. If it isn't when you add training, and select the training type, you won't be able to complete the request because there will be no payment type to select.

It's easy to link this.

  1. Logged in as an admin or training administrator, click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Employee data, then click Training.

  3. Click the pencil icon next to the training type.

  4. Select the relevant payment type(s).

    📌TIP: If none are relevant, you can add a new payment type.

  5. Click Save.

The training type and payment types are now linked. The next time you add training and select a training type, the linked payment types are listed to select.

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