Add an expense
How to add a new expense.
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If you have a business expense, you can add this to Sage HR to submit for approval.

  1. Click on the ➕ on the top right.

  2. Click New expense.

    📎NOTE: You can only add an expense if you have been assigned to an expenses group, or have administrator access.

  3. If you are an administrator, ensure you select the relevant employee.

  4. Enter a date.

  5. Select an expense category.

  6. Enter an amount.

  7. Select a currency.

  8. Select payment type.

  9. If required, upload an attachment. Click on the paper clip icon or blank space next to it, browse to the file, click Open.

  10. If required, add a comment for context for what the expense is for.

    If you want there to be more fields to enter for an expense, an admin can create additional custom fields.

  11. Click Add.

Once an expense has been added, if you go to your profile, then on the profile menu click Expenses, you can see your expense listed under Unsubmitted.

📌TIP: To edit the expense click on the pencil icon. To delete the expense click on the rubbish bin icon.

If you click on the 👁️ icon, this will show all the details of the expense, which you can print if needed if you click on the printer icon.

When ready, the next step will be to submit the expense.

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