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Add an Expenses custom field

How to create or amend custom fields for your expenses to enter useful additional information your company requires.

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Expenses in Sage HR already have a default set of fields for you to enter information in. If you require additional information not relevant to these existing fields, you can create custom fields for additional details.

These custom fields can then reflect this data on your custom reports.

📎NOTE: Custom fields for expenses are available to use on the Sage HR mobile app.

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Expenses, then click Custom fields.

  3. Click Add expenses.

    📌TIP: To edit an existing custom field, click Actions alongside it, then click Edit expenses custom field.

  4. Give the custom field a name and choose a type for the field.

    📌TIP: Want to know more about the types of custom fields available? An explanation of each type is available in, Types of custom fields for an employee profile.

  5. If required, add a description.

    📌TIP: This would appear when you hover over the ? next to the custom field when you add an expense.

  6. Select a location.

    📎NOTE: Currently Sage HR only allows 'Add expense form' as the location where the input will show.

  7. Click Confirm to save this field. This new field now shows under Expenses custom fields.

📌TIP: You can order the list of appearances in the form and edit or delete custom fields.

The next time you add an expense, this custom field shows as a field someone can enter, and it also appears on the expense claims report.

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