If you are having problems logging into your Sage HR account, there a few different reasons why this might be. Below are some things you should check to narrow down why you cannot log in and what to do to resolve it.

Check you have you received a welcome email

Please check that you are not trying to sign in before setting up your access from your welcome email sent by your employer.

If you have not received a welcome email yet please contact your employer so they can check they have sent it and entered your correct email address when they set you up. They can resend the welcome email address to you if required.

Check your email address

Please double check with your employer that the email address you have entered exactly matches the email address your employer set you up with. The email address must be exactly the same. This email address is the one that received the welcome email.

📌TIP: Your employer may have used a different email address, made a typo, ended the email address with .com instead of .co.uk or used a comma instead of a full stop by accident etc.

If you did not receive a welcome email contact your employer to check if they have sent it, and if they have check that they have the right email address for you.

Check if your employer has disabled Self Serve access to you

When you try sign in, after you enter your login details and click to continue, if the page refreshes and removes your login details it is likely your admin has disabled your access temporarily.

Admins can enable a setting that prevents a user from accessing a company. For example they may not want users to access Sage HR until they have finished setting up the company. Check with your employer to see if they have this setting in place. If they do, this is why you cannot currently log in. Once they enable self serve, you will be able to log in.

Reset your password

If you have done the steps above including checking that your email address is correct, you can reset your password.

⚠️CAUTION: If you use Sage HR to access payslips and P60s you must follow these steps to reset your password - Read more >

Log in an alternative way

  • Try to sign in via sage.hr/signin

  • Try to sign in via the link provided in your welcome email.

Check if you have been terminated as an employee on Sage HR

If you have left the company, your ex-employer is likely to have terminated you as an employee on Sage HR. For Sage HR Online Services, depending on settings set for how long an employee can access payslips after termination date, this can also affect whether you can log in. If you need access for whatever reason, please contact your ex -employer.

If you have not left the company, it is possible your employer has accidentally set your employment status as terminated in Sage HR, which is why you cannot log in. Contact your employer to check whether this hasn't happened by mistake.

Check you have entered the right domain

If you are trying to log in via the Sage HR app, a common reason why users cannot log in is they have entered the wrong or incorrectly entered their company's subdomain.

To find out how to check what your Sage HR subdomain is - Read more >

Does your company still have a Sage HR subscription?

It is possible that your employer has stopped subscribing to Sage HR, which is why you cannot access your account. Check with your employer that Sage HR is still used.

If you have made these checks, and still cannot log in, please check through these steps again with your employer or get your employer to contact one of our Sage HR experts via the chat icon on the bottom right of this page.

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