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I can't log in to Sage HR web portal

Checks to make if you're unable to log in to the Sage HR web portal.

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Are you trying to log in to the Sage HR mobile app?

If it's only the Sage HR mobile app you can't log in to, click the button below.

If you can't log in to the Sage HR web portal, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Common login errors

Do you have one of the following login errors or issues?

If you don't have one of these specific errors or issues, follow the general troubleshooting steps below.

General troubleshooting - Why can't I log in?

If you can't log in to the Sage HR website, this can be because of one of the following reasons:

  • You haven't set up your access from your welcome email

  • Your employer has added you with a different email address than the one you're logging in with

  • You're entering an incorrect password

  • Your employer doesn't user Sage HR - They might use a different Sage service such as Sage Employee Online Services, or none at all

  • An admin has terminated or deleted your profile

  • An admin has disabled your access to log in

  • You need to clear your Internet browser's cookies and cache folder

To resolve your login issue, you need to establish which reason is the cause. Run through the checks below.

1 - Can you log in on a different internet browser?

Your login issue could be down to your Internet browser. Try a different browser, for example, use Chrome instead of Edge.

Works on another browser

If it works fine on another browser, clearing your browser's cookies and cache could resolve the issue on your original browser. Alternatively, use the other browser from now on.

Still can't log in

If you still can't log in on another browser, move on to the next check.

2 - Checks to make with your employer

Only your employer can confirm some potential causes of your login issue as it requires admin access to settings.

Make all of the following checks with your employer. Click them for more details.

Does your company use Sage HR?

It's possible your employer doesn't use Sage HR, which is why you can't log in. Your employer can confirm whether they use Sage HR.

They may inform you that they use Sage Employee Online Services instead.

📎NOTE: is the correct URL for Sage Employee Online Services.

Do you need to be resent a welcome email?

You can only log in once you have created a Sage account login specifically from your welcome email. Your employer can check whether they need to resend you a welcome email to do this.

Are you using the right email address?

You can only log in if you enter the exact email address that appears in your Sage HR profile.

Show your employer the email address you're trying to log in with. They can check whether this matches the email address in your Sage HR profile.

📌TIP: If you were set up with the wrong email address, inform your employer so they can change this for you and send you a new welcome email.

Has your login access been disabled?

There is a setting an admin user can enable to prevent another user from being able to log in. Your employer can check whether this setting has been enabled.

Has your profile been terminated?

Your employer can check if your profile has been terminated. This makes you appear as an ex-employee in their Sage HR company.

This may have been done intentionally because you've left the company, or this may have happened accidentally which your employer can undo.

Has your profile been deleted?

Your employer can check if your profile has been deleted.

Once you've confirmed each of the checks above with your employer if you still can't log in move on to the next check.

3 - Reset your password

Check whether you're entering the correct password. If you can't think of anything else it could be, you can reset your password.

The steps to reset your password differ depending on whether your company uses Sage HR logins or Sage account logins.

📌TIP: Not sure if you use a Sage account or Sage HR login?

After resetting your password, try to log in with your new password.

📎NOTE: If you don't receive a reset password email this can be because you never created one in the first place from your welcome email. You need your employer to confirm whether you need to be resent a welcome email.

If you still can't log in, move on to the next check.

4 - Log in an alternative way

Try to log in to Sage HR in a different way:

  • Log in via the general Sage HR login page -

  • Log in via your company's Sage HR URL. The link in your welcome email or payslip notification automatically redirects you to this - e.g. smithcoffeeshop.sagehr/signin

If you still can't log in, move on to the next check.

5 - Check your company's workspace

When you log in on the Sage HR app, if you need to enter a workspace, if you enter it incorrectly this can be why you're unable to log in.

Your workspace is the bit before on your company's unique Sage HR URL.

Don't know what your workspace is?

You can check yourself what your company's Sage HR URL and workspace is. Alternatively, contact your employer to confirm what your company's workspace is.

Once you've confirmed your company's workspace, try to log in with that correct domain when asked for it on the Sage HR app.

Still can't log in?

If you've made these checks, and still can't log in, contact your employer. They can look into this for you and only they have access to contact Sage technical support if required.

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