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Checks to make as an admin user if an employee is having trouble logging in and can't access their payslips, time off, documents etc.

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This guide is for admin users to establish why your employee is unable to log in to your company on Sage HR.

📎NOTE: If you're the user that can't log in, please use our alternative guide, I can't log in.

Why can't the employee log in?

When an employee is unable to log in to the web version of Sage HR, this can be because of the following reasons.

  • They need to clear their Internet browser's cookies and cache folder

  • An admin user has terminated or deleted their profile

  • The email address they're using doesn't match the one in their Sage HR profile

  • They haven't set up their access from their welcome email

  • They're entering an incorrect password

  • An admin user has disabled their access

  • They're logging in to the wrong portal e.g. www.sagepayrollservices.co.uk instead of sage.hr/signin

  • They entered the wrong domain/workspace on the Sage HR app

To establish the cause of their issue, make the checks below.

1. Can they log in on a different internet browser?

If they're trying to log in to the Sage HR website, their login issue could be caused by their Internet browser. Get them to try a different browser, for example, Chrome instead of Edge.

Works on another browser

If it works fine on another browser then the issue on their original browser may be resolved by clearing your browser's cookies and cache. Alternatively, they can use the other browser from now on.

📌TIP: On a phone, they can also log in on the Sage HR mobile app.

Still can't log in

If they still can't log in on another browser, move on to the next check.

2. Does the employee exist in Sage HR?

Your employee may be trying to log in before you've even added them to Sage HR or their profile may have been terminated and deleted.

Log in to Sage HR and check whether the employee is there. You can look for them in the company directory or search for them.

Is the employee there? Click your answer below:


If the employee does still exist in your company, move on to the next check.


If they aren't in your company directory, they may still exist in your Terminated employees report.

Go to Reports > Employee data > Terminated employees and check if the employee is on that list.

Are they on your Terminated employees report?


If the employee is terminated, this is why they can't log in.

Sage HR integrated with Sage 50 Payroll

If the employee was terminated accidentally, an Admin user can contact Sage HR support to re-hire them for you.

If the employee is meant to be terminated, they can only log in via the Sage HR website for the time specified in your employee settings.

Sage HR - No payroll integration

If the employee was terminated accidentally, you can undo this by clicking Re-Hire.


If the employee isn't in your Terminated employees report, this means your employee was never added, or has been deleted. Either way, they don't currently exist in your Sage HR company.

The employee can't log in until you add them.

3. What email address is the employee using to log in?

Confirm with your employee what email address they are entering when they try to log in.

The email they are using must match what it says in their profile.

📌TIP: The employee may not be aware you used their other email address, or you haven't spotted a typo when you entered their email address when adding the employee to Sage HR.

If the employee is using a different email address let them know the correct email address to use.

Need to change this email address?

If the employee wants this to be a different email address, or it is incorrect, you can change it.

If the employee is using the correct email address, move on to the next check.

4. Have they logged in before?

An employee can't log in until they set up their access from their welcome email.

Check to see if the employee has logged in before. This indicates whether they've not set up their access from their welcome email. You can check this from the Access logs report.

  1. Click Reports.

  2. Click Access logs.

  3. On the Never logged in tile, click Re-send welcome email.

Does the employee appear on this report?

Click your answer below:

The employee is on this report

If they show on this report this means they haven't logged in before, and therefore haven't set up their access from their welcome email. This is because when they set up their access, they automatically log in for the first time.

You can click Send next to their name to resend their welcome email. Alternatively, you resend the welcome email from their profile.

The employee doesn't show on the report

If the employee doesn't show on this list, then they have logged in before and must have set up their access from their welcome email.

Move on to the next check.

5. Has the employee's self-serve access been disabled?

A reason why an employee can't log in is if their self-serve access has been disabled.

  1. Go to their profile.

  2. On the Employee tab scroll down to the bottom.

  3. Click Personal settings.

  4. Make sure Self-service access enabled is selected.

    If it's not selected, select it and click Save.

Check if they still can't log in.

If the employee still can't log in move on to the next check.

6. Ask the employee to reset their password

Once you've completed all the checks above, check whether they are entering the correct password. They can reset their password using the forgot password option.

📎NOTE: The email address must be correct for this step to work.

After they reset their password, see if they can now log in.

If they still can't log in with their new password, move on to the next check.

7. Ask the employee to log in an alternative way

Request the employee to try to log in to Sage HR Online Services a different way.

📌TIP: If they're trying to log in to the Sage HR app, ask them to try the website version instead.

If they still can't log in after trying the above, move on to the next check.

8. Has the employee entered the right company domain?

If the domain in their login page's URL is wrong, or they've entered the workspace when asked for it when logging into the Sage HR app, this can be why they can't log in.

Take note of what it says just before .sage.hr as this is what they need to enter as the workspace into the Sage HR app.

Issue still persisting?

If the employee still can't log in at this point we recommend you remove the employee and re-add them.

⚠️CAUTION: Only do this if you've made sure every check above has been done. This is because the following steps require you to have to set up the employee again

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