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Error: 'Wrong email address or password entered'
Error: 'Wrong email address or password entered'

What to check if you can't log in because your email or password is 'wrong'.

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If you use a Sage account login to sign in to your Sage HR company, you are brought to the Sage account login page.

Your email address field is already populated with the email address you entered previously when you tried to log in.

After you enter a password, you may see the following error:

Wrong email address or password entered.

This error indicates that either the email address you have entered is wrong, or the password is incorrect.

To narrow down the cause and resolve this, please make the following checks.

Check your email address is correct

Please make sure you're entering the correct email address. This is the one that received the welcome email sent by your employer, or your notifications are being sent to.

If the email address is definitely correct, move on to the next section.

Have you logged in to this company on Sage HR before?


In that case, please move on to the next section regarding resetting your password.


If you've never logged in before, it is likely you never set up your access from your welcome email. This can be why you can't log in, as a password for your Sage account was never set up. Resetting a password won't work until you've created a password from a welcome email originally.

If you can't find your welcome email or your welcome email links have expired, contact your employer so they can resend you a new one.

If your new welcome email doesn't prompt you to create a new password, please move on to the next section.

Reset your password

If you have logged in before and have set up your access from your welcome email, then this error may indicate that you've entered the wrong password.

Click Forgot Password? and follow the on-screen instructions to be sent an email so you can reset your password.

Once you've reset your password, you should be able to log in.

Error persisting?

If you continue to have problems trying to log in, please contact your employer. They can look into this for you and they have access to contact Sage support directly as an admin user on the account.

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