If your reset email to change password doesn't come through there are some checks you can make, but keep in mind that ultimately your employer may likely need to contact Sage 50cloud Payroll support to resolve this issue for you.

Check your junk/spam folder

It could be that your email provider has put the reset email into your junk or spam folder. Please check if it is there.

Also ensure that your email security has the email address [email protected] included on your safe senders list too.

Check you're resetting from the correct page

To reset your password, you must ensure you're clicking Forgot password? from the Sage ID login page shown in the screenshot below. This appears when you enter the correct email address when you first log in.

📎NOTE: If you are clicking Forgot your password? on the pages shown in the screenshots below, you will not receive a reset email., as these links only work for Sage HR users that don't use online payslips.

Confirm your email address with your employer

You should check what email address your employer set you up with to confirm you are requesting the reset password email is going to the correct email.

Please confirm that they have not set you up with a different email address or that the email address is spelt incorrectly and has no typos.

Make sure you've set up your access to Sage HR Online Services

You won't be able to reset your password if you haven't set up your access from your welcome email, and logged in before. If you haven't, and you need to be resent a welcome email, your employer can resend this for you.

If you have made these checks, and there are no issues, please contact your employer who can either delete and re-add you into Sage HR Online Services by following the steps in the change email address guide, or for them to contact Sage 50cloud Payroll support directly to look into the issue further.

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