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Add an employee in Sage HR Essentials

How to add a new employee if you use Sage HR integrated with Sage Business Cloud Payroll (UK).

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When you have a new starter, you can add them in Sage HR Essentials first. When done you can then choose to send them across to Sage Payroll to complete their record in your payroll software.

📎NOTE: If you prefer, you can add them in Sage Payroll first which then automatically creates a record in Sage HR Essentials.

Create employee profile in Sage HR

  1. In Sage HR Essentials, click Company on the main tab.

  2. Click Add employee.

  3. Enter their first name and last name

  4. Enter their email address.

    ⚠CAUTION: The employee will use this email address to log in. Make sure it's correct before you continue.

  5. Enter their start date.

  6. Select whether you want to include them in Sage Payroll.

    📎NOTE: If you select No, they will be able to access Sage HR, but they won't be listed in Sage Payroll, and therefore you won't be able to pay them using Sage Payroll.

  7. Choose whether you want to send their welcome email now.

    You can send it later.

  8. Click Create account.

  9. You can also assign them their:

  10. Select their Direct manager.

  11. Click Save.

  12. You are now taken to their employee profile within Sage HR.

    Enter any other additional information. For example their work phone number or emergency contacts.

  13. Select whether you want this user to be able to manage your company's Sage Payroll account

    You've successfully added the employee to Sage HR.

Complete employee set up in Sage Payroll

If you select to have the employee in payroll, you now need to complete setting up the employee in Sage Payroll.

  1. Click Go to payroll to complete set up.

    This takes you to the employee's record in Sage Payroll.

  2. Enter the missing required information. These are highlighted in red.

  3. When you're done, click Save.

The employee now shows in your employee list within Sage Payroll.

Set up employee for Sage HR Essentials

Before you can count this employee fully added to the system, you should make sure they're set up for Sage HR Essentials. For example, assign them their direct manager, time off policy, etc.

Once you've done this, if you haven't already, you can send them their welcome email so they can log in for the first time.

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