Error: 'Incorrect email or password'

What to check if you can't log in because your email or password is 'incorrect'.

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📎NOTE: If your error says 'Wrong email address or password entered', please use our other guide.

When you go to or the Sage HR app you may get the following message when trying to log in.

Sage HR website

'Incorrect email or password. Forgot your password? Click the link below.'

Sage HR app

'Incorrect email or password. To edit your email address, go back to the previous step. You can edit your password below.'

These messages show because either the email address you are entering is wrong or the password is wrong.

Check your email address

It's best to make sure you're entering the correct email address. Contact your employer or HR/Payroll admin to check what you're entering matches the email address in your Sage HR profile.

Reset password

If confirm it is the correct email address, you can reset your password.

📎NOTE: Sage HR for payslips.

If you use Sage HR to access payslips and are seeing this exact error message when logging in at, this indicates you're using the wrong email address. When you enter the correct email address your sign-in page should change to only ask you for an email address.

If it doesn't then you have used the wrong email address has been used, and you will stay on the sign-in page for customers who don't have Sage HR integrated for online payslips.

If you click Forgot your password on this page, your password reset won't work.

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