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Rehire a terminated employee
Rehire a terminated employee

How to rehire an ex-employee when you use Sage HR not integrated with Sage payroll software.

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If you use Sage HR with no integration with Sage payroll software, it is possible to quickly re-enter an ex-employee's profile back into the system when you rehire them, or have terminated an employee by accident.

📎NOTE: When you originally terminate an employee in Sage HR, their profiles still exist until you delete them. If you have deleted the employee, you cannot follow these steps, and will have to manually add them again.

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, on the main menu, click Reports.

  2. Click Employee data then click Terminated employees.

  3. Click the Re-Hire button next to the employee.

    📎NOTE: This button isn't available if your Sage HR integrates with Sage 50 Payroll or Sage Business Cloud Payroll.

  4. Select the date they started again at the company.

  5. If required, enter a reason for re-hiring.

  6. Select either Start fresh or Keep old data

  7. Click Re-hire.

The re-hired employee will now show as an active employee in Sage HR, and no longer show in terminated employees.

📎NOTE: If you have the new permissions feature you need to re-assign the re-hired employee to the 'Employee' role.

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