What is my workspace?

How to find out what your workspace is for your company on Sage HR.

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Each company has its own unique Sage HR workspace. When you try to log in to the Sage HR app, you may be asked to enter your company's workspace to log into that company.

If you don't know what your workspace is, we explain below how to find out what it is.

How do I find my workspace?

There are three ways to find out your company's workspace:

Check your URL when logged into Sage HR

Log in to Sage HR via the website version, then take a look at your company's Sage HR URL at the top of the page.

Take note of what it says just before .sage.hr as this is what you need to enter into the Sage HR app.

Example of Sage HR URL:

Check your welcome email

Another way of finding your domain is to check the welcome invite that was emailed to you when your Sage HR account was created. The welcome email provides your workspace URL.

📎NOTE: Don't have a welcome email? There are some checks you should make - I haven't received my welcome email.

EXAMPLE: In the example below, the company URL is overlookhoteloc.sage.hr - The bit needed is before sage.hr i.e. overlookhoteloc

Ask your employer

If you're unable to log in to the website version, or you're unable to find your welcome email, contact your employer. They can provide your workspace URL.

Once you have your workspace, go back to your Sage HR app, then enter the workspace. Make sure you enter it correctly.

If correct, continue with the login process in the Sage HR app.

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