Once you have downloaded the Sage HR app, and have set up your access from your welcome email, you're able to log into the app.

Follow the steps below.

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Step 1 - Enter email address

The first step of the journey is to enter your email address you use to log into your company on Sage HR.

This must be the correct email address, otherwise later when you enter your password it won't be recognised.

Once entered you will either be taken straight to enter your password, or to enter/confirm your workspace URL.

Step 2 - Enter workspace URL

If you are registered to more than one company on Sage HR, you need to confirm the workspace you want to log into. This should auto-populate.

If the workspace is correct tap Next.

If you need to log in to a different company, delete the workspace and enter the one for your other company.

📌TIP: Not sure what your company's workspace URL is? - Read more >

Step 3 - Enter password

Enter your password then tap Log in.

📎NOTE: Depending on the enabled authentication method specified by your employer, you can authenticate using Single Sign-On.

When successfully logged in, you will see the Sage HR app dashboard!

For more guides on how to use the Sage app, visit our Mobile app collection in our knowledgebase.

Can't log in via the app?

If you're having trouble logging in to the Sage HR app, there are some checks you must make.

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