If you have downloaded and logged into the new Sage HR app, you can use it to submit time off requests and view your time off balance and previously submitted requests.

Submit time off request

  1. Tap on the ➕ at the bottom, then tap Request time off.

  2. Select the relevant time off policy.

    📎NOTE: You can't request parental leave on the Sage HR app.

  3. Tap the first day of the time off, and then if it is more than one day, tap the last day of your time off, then tap Continue.

  4. If required select a replacement person. then tap Continue.

  5. You are then showed a summary of your time off request

View time off

  1. Tap Workspace.

  2. Tap Time off.

At the top you can swipe across to view your current time of policy balances.

You can select the year you want to view (previous year, current year, and future two years).

On each year listed are your time off requests and their status.

You can also add a time off request on this page too. Tap the ➕ on the top right.

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