If you're having problems logging into Sage HR, you can run through each check below to find out why and what to do to resolve it.

1. Set up your access to Sage HR

Before you log in to Sage HR for the first time, you must have set up your access from your welcome email.

If you've not received a welcome email yet please contact your employer so they can resend the welcome email and check they have set you up with the correct email address.

If you've already set up your access and successfully logged in before, move on to step 2.

2. Check your email address

Please confirm with your employer that the email address you've entered matches the email address your employer set you up with. This email address is the one that the welcome email was sent to.

EXAMPLE: Your employer may have mistyped or ended the email address incorrectly etc.

Once you've confirmed your email address, try to log in again.

If not, move on to step 3.

3. Has your access been disabled?

Check with your employer to see if they've disabled your self serve access. If they have, once they enable self serve, try to log in again.

If not, move on to step 4.

4. Reset your password

If you have done the steps above including checking that your email address is correct, you can reset your password.

⚠️CAUTION: If you use Sage HR to access payslips and P60s you must follow these steps to reset your password - Read more >

If not, move on to step 5.

5. Log in an alternative way

  • Try to sign in via sage.hr/signin

  • Try to sign in via the link provided in your welcome email.

If not, move on to step 6.

6. Check if your profile has been terminated

If you've left the company, please contact your ex-employer if you need access.

If you've not left the company contact your employer to check whether they've terminated your profile by mistake. Once your employer corrects this, try to log in again.

If they confirm you haven't been terminated, move on to step 7.

7. Check you have entered the right domain

If you are trying to log in via the Sage HR app, a common reason why users cannot log in is they've entered the wrong or incorrectly entered their company's domain.

To find out how to check what your domain is - Read more >

Once you confirm your domain, try to log in.

If not, move on to step 8.

8. Does your company still have a Sage HR subscription?

Your employer may have stopped using Sage HR, which is why you cannot access your account. Check with your employer that they still use Sage HR.

If you have made these checks, and still can't log in, please contact your employer so they can look into this or for them to contact technical support.

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