Create a Pulse Survey
How to create a new pulse survey to collate feedback frequently.
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Pulse surveys are a new tool you can use to gather employee feedback on certain topics or matters quickly and frequently.

We'll run you through how to create a pulse survey to send out to employees.

  1. Click Surveys.

  2. Click Pulse Surveys.

  3. Click Create new pulse survey.

  4. You can either select a template or create your own.

  5. If you click Create your own survey you're directed to the edit page where you can add your own questions and categories from scratch.

    Alternatively, the three other templates have questions and settings already set up. You can make amendments to these templates.

    As you edit a pulse survey, you can

Once you first save your changes the pulse survey shows under Drafts in the Pulse surveys tab.

You can revisit this draft to make further changes and save them, as well as preview and send out the survey once it is ready.

Make sure you save your changes before previewing the survey.

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