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Set frequency for a Pulse Survey
Set frequency for a Pulse Survey

How to set your survey frequency.

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After you create a Pulse Survey and are happy with how it looks, the next step is to set your survey frequency. This is required before you activate your survey as you need to select how often you want the survey to be sent.

When configuring the frequency of your survey, there are two main things to take into account:

Periodicity of the survey

The survey is sent according to the number of repetitions and the time period selected. In this example above, the survey is to be sent every 2 weeks.

Employees receive a new task and email notification to answer the survey, the data is then collected and a new batch with the date appears under reports to review the results.

📎NOTE: To ensure the anonymity of the results, we require a minimum of three surveys to be filled out before displaying the data on the report.

Start date (and end date)

The start date is the date when your first batch of surveys will be sent. This must be a future date.

The end date is the date when your survey will be finalized. This means from this date the survey won't be sent anymore to your employees and it will move to the 'finalised' status tab on the Pulse surveys - main page.

The end date is optional, as you can choose to finalise Pulse Surveys at any time.

📎NOTE: A survey batch ends when the next one is sent, this means any outstanding tasks to fill the survey are removed from the employee's dashboard. A new notification is sent and a new task for answering the new batch is created.

Employees can not answer past batches once the new one has been sent.

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