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If you use the Performance module, you can create surveys to send out to people to complete. You can send it to people within your company or as well as externally.

📌TIP: We recommend setting up the surveys feature within your Performance settings before you create a survey - Read more >

  1. Click Surveys.

  2. Click Add new.

    📌TIP: If you want to create a new survey that is similar to an existing survey, you can duplicate a survey instead of creating one from scratch - Read more >

Here you can create your new survey. You can amend its general settings such as configuring your star ratings. This is also where you add the questions you want to ask in the survey.

📌TIP: We recommend clicking Save changes regularly, so you don't lose any changes made.

For more information on your options when customising a survey - Read more >

Next Steps

Once you're finished creating and customising your survey, you can do the following:

Leave as a draft

You can save your changes and come back to continue editing the survey at any point. To return to your other surveys click Go Back. You are reminded to save your progress.

The next time you click Surveys on the main menu, you can see this survey in the Draft tab where you can finish editing it at any time.

Preview survey

Once you have at least one category with a question set up, you can preview the survey to see how it looks to someone completing it. At the top a message tells you this is just a preview and that no data is recorded.

To exit the preview either finish the survey or click on the cross on the top right.

Send out

If you're fine with the survey and ready to send it, click Send out.

You then must select who the survey will go to, and choose whether you want them to receive an email and Sage HR app notification about the survey - Read more >

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