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Customise survey invitation message
Customise survey invitation message

How to amend what the email says that people receive when you send them a survey.

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When you send a survey to people to complete, you can notify them about via email. There is text written by default, but you can customise what this message says.

We'll show you how to do this:

There are two ways to amend this message:

Option 1

When you create a new survey, or edit an existing draft you can amend the subject and body of the email.

  1. Click Surveys.

  2. Click Add new for a new survey, or on an existing survey click on the title.

  3. Click General settings, then Survey invitation email.

  4. You can amend the email subject, as well as the content of the email. Placeholders are available to copy and paste into the body of the email. For example:

    Hello, [recipient_name]!

  5. Once you make your changes, click Save changes.

Option 2

Once a survey has been created, you can amend the invitation message from the Surveys page.

You can only amend the message content this way, not the email subject line.

  1. Click Surveys.

  2. Click on the three dots of the relevant survey.

  3. Click Invitation message.

  4. Make your text changes in the content box.

  5. Click Save.

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