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Create an Engagement survey

How to create a new engagement survey.

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You can create engagement surveys to measure how your employees feel about your organisation, such as their level of commitment and motivation. We'll show you how easy these are to create in the steps below.

  1. On the main menu, click Surveys.

  2. Click on the Engagement surveys tab at the top.

  3. Click Create a new survey.

  4. Select a template to send to your employees.

    • Template 1 contains general engagement questions, such as employees' future careers, access to tools, and receiving recognition

    • Template 2 contains culture questions such as about the company's vision and values, giving feedback to managers.

    • Template 3 contains working from home questions such as about work-life balance, having the right tools to work from home, and appropriate levels of communication.

    You can customise each template by adding or removing your own questions.

  5. After you select a template, click Create survey.

    You're then presented with an already drafted survey.

    You can customise this survey such as:

    • Title and description

    • Personalise star rating.

    • Survey invitation emails

    • Adding and amending questions

    • Removing questions.

    📌TIP: For more information on your options when customising a survey - Read more >

Once you first save your changes the Engagement survey shows under Drafts in the Engagement surveys tab.

You can revisit this draft to make further changes and save them, as well as preview and send out the survey once it is ready.

Make sure you save your changes before previewing the survey.

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