Remove my device for 2FA

How to remove your device for two-factor authentication (2FA) so you can set it up on a new device.

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If you have two-factor authentication (2FA) set up on a specific device, such as a mobile phone, but you need it set up on a new device instead, please contact your employer.

If your employer integrates with Sage 50 Payroll, your company's admin user may have a reset option for you within the Personal settings of your profile. Once reset you can set up 2FA on your new device.

If they don't there you may need to log into our Sage Account Management page to remove your device. Once removed you can set up 2FA again.

Is your Sage HR admin able to reset 2FA for you?


Once they reset 2FA, the next time you log in you're prompted to set up 2FA again.


If your employer doesn't have an option to reset your 2FA, you need to log into the Sage Account Management page to remove your device. This then allows you set up 2FA again, either on the same device or a new one.

The following steps differ depending on whether you still have access to the original device your 2FA was set on.

I do have access to my 2FA device

  1. Log into with your Sage account email address and password.

  2. Enter your verification code using your chosen method. For example, code from an authenticator app.

  3. Select 2-factor authentication.

  4. Select Remove.


  5. Enter your password and then your verification code from your chosen method.

  6. You've now turned off 2FA for your previous device you can click 2-factor authentication to set up 2FA again.


I don't have access to my 2FA device

  1. Log in to Sage HR or

  2. When you're asked to verify whether it's you, click Verify a different way instead.

  3. You can enter your 16-digit recovery code that you were asked to use when you first set up 2FA.

    If you don't have your 16-digit recovery code, click Use your recovery method.


    Enter the 6 digit code from your recovery method, for example from your recovery email address.


    📎NOTE: If you don't have access to any recovery method, contact your employer. An admin user can contact Sage support to find an alternative way to reset 2FA for you.

  4. After you've logged in using your recovery method, click Remove device and add a new one.


  5. Click Send 2-factor authentication email. This will send an email to allow you to set up 2FA your new device.

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