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I don't have access to my phone to log in using 2FA
I don't have access to my phone to log in using 2FA

How to log into your Sage account with 2-factor authentication (2FA) if your device is unavailable.

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If you don't have your device to hand for 2FA don't worry, you can log into your Sage account using your recovery code. Your recovery code was shared with you when you first set up 2FA and you were advised to write it down and store it somewhere safe.

The code is 24 digits, containing a mix of letters and numbers.


Use the steps below to log in using your recovery code

📎NOTE: If you've lost your recovery code, or you no longer have access to the device 2FA is set up on, please contact your employer so they can reset your 2FA and you can set it up again.

  1. On the 2FA login screen, when you're asked to enter the code, click the link for Verify a different way instead.

  2. Select Recovery code.

  3. Enter your recovery code.

  4. Click Continue.

You're provided a new recovery code. Note this down and keep somewhere safe if you ever need it again.

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