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Set up Employees

There are two ways to set up employees in your Sage HR:

Set up Core Sage HR

Set up user access levels and permissions

Assign the access levels your employees will have to Sage HR.

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Set up Direct managers

Assign direct managers to employees
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Set up positions

Create all the job positions you have in your company and then assign to employees.

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Change the language

Set up the language used in HR for yourself or for another employee.

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Set up Leave Management and Timesheets

Leave Management

Time Off Policies

Keep track of your employees' time off.
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Time Off Approvers

Allow who you want access to approve time off for employees.
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Enter Historical Time Off

Adjust balances to show time off already taken by employees.
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Keep track of your and employees upcoming dates.
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Timesheet group

Add employees to a group to allow them to use timesheets.
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