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Sage Payroll and HR (US, CA and ZA)
Set up Sage Business Cloud Payroll and Basic HR (Canada) for the first time
Set up Sage Business Cloud Payroll and Basic HR (Canada) for the first time

This article provides a step by step guide on how to set up Sage Payroll and Basic HR (Canada only)

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📎NOTE: You must have signed up for a trial for Sage Business Cloud Payroll and HR.

Set up Employees

There are two ways to set up employees in your Sage HR:

Set up Core Sage HR

Set up user access levels and permissions

Assign the access levels your employees will have to Sage HR.

Set up Direct managers

Assign direct managers to employees
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Set up positions

Create all the job positions you have in your company and then assign to employees.

Change the language

Set up the language used in HR for yourself or for another employee.

Set up Leave Management and Timesheets

Leave Management

Time Off Policies

Keep track of your employees' time off.
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Time Off Approvers

Allow who you want access to approve time off for employees.
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Enter Historical Time Off

Adjust balances to show time off already taken by employees.
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Keep track of your and employees upcoming dates.
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Timesheet group

Add employees to a group to allow them to use timesheets.
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