The Leave Management and Timesheets module can be integrated together to accrue time off allowance based on the amount of time logged via Timesheets.

📎NOTE: To be able to use this function you must have the following:

Create a time off policy integrated with timesheets

  1. Click on your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu, click Time off, then click Policies.

  3. Click Add new policy.

  4. Specify the allowance equivalent that will be allocated for every 1 hour or day of work.

    📌TIP: Use decimals for higher precision.

    In this example below, every 1 day of work earns 0.5 hours of time off.

  5. Select the source for employees' hours. To use timesheets as the data source, select timesheets for this field.

  6. Reset dates determine when the accrual cycle ends. This is when accrued days expire - unless you allow carrying over days into the next cycle.

  7. Configure these parameters as required and click Save at the bottom.

  8. Assign the relevant employees to this time off policy, then click Save.

Your employees now accumulate time off allowance based on the amount of work logged via Timesheets.

📎NOTE: Once the policy and timesheets have been configured for an employee, declining an already approved timesheet will take away the equivalent of accumulated time. Approving a timesheet will increase the time off balance by the appropriate value.

Frequently asked questions

When will the earned time off actually be allocated to the employee?

New time off is accrued for an employee when an employee's timesheet is approved by a manager. If the Timesheet is declined, the equivalent of the accrued time off will be taken away.

How can I see the history of accruals that were earned by my employee?

Every transaction triggered by Timesheets will be logged in Time off ledger report. To view this click Reports on the main menu, then Time off, then Time off ledger.

How to set up Timesheets for my employees?

If your employees do not have access to the Timesheets module yet, follow these instructions on how to set up Timesheets groups.

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