When you create a time off policy, if you want an employee to accrue time off based on the hours they have worked, you can create a labour-based policy.

To make a time off policy labour based, when choosing how you want allocated days to be accrued, you must select based on time worked and accrue.

You can select how many hours or days you want to be allocated for every day or hour logged.

There are three ways to base how a labour policy considers what determines working days and daily hours. You can either:

  • Accrue time off based on calendar settings (uses employment status FTE) - Read more >

  • Accrue time off based on working patterns - Read more >

  • Accrue time off based on timesheets - Read more >

⚠️CAUTION: When you create a labour-based policy, some settings in the policy can't be edited after it is made. Make sure you have everything how you want for the policy before you click Create or Save.

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