Requesting time off

How to book time off for holidays, sick leave, or other time off policies set up in Sage HR.

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If you use the Leave Management module, once an employee is assigned to a time off policy, they or someone else on their behalf can request their time off.

For example, an employee requests days off for their upcoming holidays, or a manager can record time off taken by an employee due to sickness.

📎NOTE: If you're an employee user, please confirm with your employer that they use Sage HR for time off, as not all Sage HR companies use the Leave Management module.

Request time off for myself

Typically if you are an employee user, depending on your permissions, you can only request time off for yourself. For example, you need to book a week off for a holiday, or you need to request an afternoon off work, etc.

Our guides below explain how to do this on the Sage HR website or Sage HR mobile app.

Request time off for another employee

If you are an admin user or team manager, you can record leave taken by another employee.

Record leave for multiple employees

If you have multiple employees with time off on the same date(s) you can book request this time off for them at the same time, provided they are on the same time off policy.

Request parental leave

If parental leave policies have been set up such as maternity leave and paternity leave, these can be requested when appropriate.

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