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If your company uses the Leave Management module, once you are assigned to a time off policy, it's easy to request time off. Whether this is for annual leave, to record sickness etc.

To see how easy this is, just follow the steps below.

📎NOTE: You can only book time off for yourself if you are assigned to a time off policy or your company uses the Leave Management module.

📎NOTE: You can also request time off on the Sage HR app.

  1. Click on ➕ on the top right, then click New time off.

    A time off form appears

  2. Select the appropriate time off policy.

    📎NOTE: Only time off policies you have been assigned to show in this dropdown. If you don't see the one you're looking for, contact your HR admin.

  3. Fill out the date(s) of the time off.

    You can request a single day or multiple dates. Depending on settings you may have options to specify what part of a single day.

  4. If required, enter any details.

  5. If required, select a replacement person.

  6. When you're done, click Submit.

If your time off request needs to wait for approval, you must wait for your time off approver to approve it.

Your pending time off will show on your dashboard under Upcoming time off, and in your calendar. In both locations you can edit or cancel your request.

Other places to book time off from

There are multiple other ways to get to where you request time off from

From the dashboard

On the main menu, click Dashboard, then on your Upcoming time off widget, click Request time off.

From the calendar

Click Calendar, then click Request time off at the top of the calendar.

From employee profile

Click on your profile or an employee's profile, click the Time off tab on the profile menu, then click Request time off.

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