The 360 Feedback feature is a great tool to help you embrace a strong feedback culture that is proven to increase productivity, business agility and improve company culture.

When sending employee reviews in Sage HR you'll be presented with two options for choosing who will be giving feedback:

We'll go through the details of the Nominated by employee functionality.

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What is 'Nominated by employee'?

'Nominated by employee' is a functionality that will allow your employees to propose a list of the people whom which they're getting feedback from — peers, managers, or any other employee in the organisation.

How does it work?

Once you've selected the employees that are getting reviewed when sending out Feedback, in the next step choose the Nominated by employee option and click Send.

Next steps

Step 1

After choosing Nominated by employee when sending out feedback the employee being reviewed will receive an email notification and a task will appear in their dashboard asking them to nominate colleagues who will review their performance. 📩

Step 2

The employee being reviewed can start to "Nominate reviewers" by clicking on the task in their dashboard or on the email they've received. They'll can select managers, peers, other employees, and also themselves.

Once they're ready they can choose to submit the list.

📎NOTE: This is not the final list and the selected reviewers will not receive a notification to give feedback until the list is approved by the Direct Manager and they have chosen to notify them.

Step 3

After the employee has submitted the list of reviewers being nominated, the Direct Manager receives a task in their dashboard to approve it.

Once they choose to "Review" they'll see the list of the nominated reviewers and they'll be able to:

  • Add reviewers

  • Delete reviewers from the list

📎NOTE: Managers can select if they want to notify (or not) reviewers by email.

Once they click Send, each approved reviewer will get a task (and email notification) requesting to give feedback about the employee.

You've just used the 'Nominated by employee' functionality inside Feedback! 👏

If you're curious to learn more about Performance management inside Sage HR visit out Performance collection in our knowledgebase.

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