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Send out 360 Feedback

How to send 360 Feedback forms to your employees for them to complete.

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Once you create a 360 feedback form, when it's finished you can send it out to relevant employees to complete.

  1. On the main menu, click 360 Feedback.

  2. Click on the Draft tab.

  3. Click Send out.

    Alternatively, you can click on the feedback to edit it, then click Send out.

Select who you're reviewing

You see a list of all your employees in Sage HR. Select the employees you want to review. This is the person others will be told they are giving feedback for.

📌TIP: You can search for employees, use a filter, or even select all.

After you select the relevant employees click Continue.

Choose who will be giving the feedback

You're now given the option to choose who will review the employee(s). You can choose them yourself or you can allow the employee to choose someone themselves.

Send the feedback

After you've sorted who will review the employee's feedback, when you're ready to send it out, click Send.

The survey now moves from the Draft tab to Active.

The selected employees get a task to complete feedback. If you chose to allow the employee to choose who can review their feedback, they also get a task to choose who this person is.

Next steps

Now you can wait for employees to complete the feedback. You can send reminders to people to fill complete it, and also send it to other people that you didn't select originally.

You can open this survey anytime to view its results in real-time. You finalise the feedback when you don't need any more responses and want to view the final results.

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