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Choose who gives 360 feedback for an employee
Choose who gives 360 feedback for an employee

Choose reviewers by role, specific employees, and external people when sending out feedback.

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The 360 Feedback feature is a solution for employee reviews and 360 appraisals and it's included in the Performance module.

When you send 360 Feedback out to employees, you can choose which other people will provide feedback for the selected employee.

You can choose feedback reviewers by:

  • Roles

  • Employees

  • External people

    If you choose external people to add a new external person to the list click Add external people. Enter their email address and full name then click Save.

Once you select the relevant people, check you're fine for these people to receive an email notification to fill out this feedback.

If you don't want them to, click the slider next to Notify reviewers.

After you click Send, the 360 Feedback appears in the 'Active' tab.

📌 TIP: Learn more about how 360 Feedback works.

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