These settings allow you to customise the content and appearance of feedback forms when using the Feedback module.

Only employees with administrator access can get to feedback settings:

  1. Click your name in the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click PERFORMANCE, then click Feedback.


There are already dozens of competencies listed in Feedback, each with a description. If required, you can create another competency in feedback.


  2. Enter a title.

  3. Enter a description

  4. Click SAVE.

📌TIP: You can edit or delete competencies already listed. To edit one click on the pencil icon. To delete one click on the rubbish bin icon.

Review settings

Here you can control how to review feedback.

  1. Select what you want the maximum rating to be. Your options are 3 - 10.

  2. Select which ratings require mandatory comments. For example, if your default max rating is 5, you may only want there to be mandatory comments for when someone gives a rating of 1 or 5.

  3. If you want there to be mandatory comments, select whether you require them to have a minimum amount of characters.

  4. Select whether you want to customise the names of ratings and allocate them colours. For example instead of '1' you could replace it with 'Strongly disagree.'

    📌TIP: If you wish to change the colour provided for a rating, click on the colour square next to it to pick a different colour.

  5. If required, you can select to allow a someone to skip a question if they check Can't evaluate - This setting can be overridden when you create custom review templates.

  6. Select your Review sending preferences.

  7. If someone leaves a comment you can control how anonymous the feedback is:

  • No relation - Comments have no additional information about who gave the feedback.

  • Relation - Managers and employees can only see the relation of the person who gave the comment i.e. a manager, subordinate or a peer.

  • Full name - Managers and employees can see the full name of every employee who gave feedback.

8. Select your General reports preferences.

9. Select your Individual review preferences.

10.Click SAVE

Mail Templates

There is already a default assignment message and nomination message drafted in Sage HR for when an employee is requested to provide feedback or nominate others to provide feedback. You can edit these if you wish to customise what they say.


  2. Make any amendments you like, with placeholder variables available.

  3. Once you are done, click SAVE.

For further help on set up, go to our Welcome hub.

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