If you can't view your payslips or P60s once logged in this is normally because either your employer hasn't added you in their payroll software yet, or they have not yet uploaded your payslips to Sage HR Online Services.

If you have been able to access payslips previously and/or have been told your payslips have been uploaded, try the following steps below.

📎NOTE: If your issue is that you can't log in to Sage HR Online Services to access your payslips, please use this alternative guide - Read more >

Payslips missing?

If you can view some payslips but some are missing, you must get in touch with your employer. Only they they can make these missing payslips available to you and re-upload them .

Access Sage HR Online Services a different way

Check to see if you can view payslips when you log into Sage HR Online Services via:

  • A different internet browser e.g. Chrome instead of Internet Explorer

  • Another computer

  • The Sage HR app

  • Mobile browser e.g Safari on an iPhone

  • A computer instead of the Sage HR app

Clear cookies and cache

When troubleshooting, it may be necessary to clear the cache and cookies on your computer to resolve the issue.

To find out how to do this - Read more >

Contact your employer

Your payslips are managed by your employer in their Sage 50cloud Payroll software.

If you have tried the steps above and the issue persists you must get in touch with your employer so they can contact Sage 50cloud Payroll support to troubleshoot this further.

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