If you have set up your access to Sage HR Online Services, once your employer publishes your payslips you can log in to view current and historical payslips. You can also download and save PDF copies.

📌TIP: If you are using your phone to access your payslips, we recommend using the Sage HR app - Read more >

  1. Log in to Sage HR Online Services - Read more >

  2. On the main menu click Payslips & P60s.

    📎NOTE: If you are an admin user go to an employee's profile, then on the profile menu click Payslips & P60s.

  3. Click Payslips or P60s at the top to view whichever it is you want to access.

    You can either:

📎NOTE: If you can't see your Payslip or P60 speak directly to your employer as they may not have published them yet. If your payslips won't load - Read more >

View payslip/P60 online

  1. Next to the relevant payslip or P60, click the list icon.

  2. Click View to see the Payslip online in the software.

    This then opens up your payslip to view in Sage HR.

    📌TIP: To quickly download the payslip from this page, click Save as PDF.

Download payslip/P60

There are two ways to download a payslip:

  • Select the relevant payslip, then click Download.

    📎NOTE: You can select multiple payslips to download this way. If you are unable to download multiple payslips, this may be blocked by your anti-virus. Either amend your anti-virus settings or download payslips individually.

  • Alternatively Click on the three dots on the relevant payslip, then click Download

Once downloaded you can view your payslip as a PDF.

📌TIP: If you're having trouble downloading your payslip, run through these troubleshooting steps - Read more >

📎NOTE: If you have a query about what is or is not on your payslip, or you can't see your Payslip or P60, you must speak directly to your employer for them to look into. If your payslips won't load, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take - Read more >

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