Once you have set up your access to Sage HR Online Services, you can access it anytime to view your payslips.

1. You can log in via sage.hr/signin.

Alternatively you can get to your company sign in page via the URL provided in your welcome email.

📌TIP: You should bookmark your company sign in URL so you can easily access it in future.

2. On the login page, enter your Sage ID email address, then click CONTINUE TO SIGN IN.

3. After entering the correct email address, you are redirected to log into your Sage account.

4. Enter your Sage email and password, then click Log In.

📎NOTE: If you cannot log in, there a few reasons why this may be, with a resolution dependant on what that reason is. There are checks you can make to narrow down the reason why you cannot log in, and how to resolve it. For example, check that the email address is the one your employer set you up with

Once you are logged in you will see page similar to the examples below:

📎NOTE: Options available on this page differ depending on what Sage HR modules your company are subscribed to.

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📎NOTE: If this article doesn't resolve your query about accessing Sage HR Online Services, you must speak directly to your employer.

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