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Sage HR Newsletter - July 2023
Sage HR Newsletter - July 2023

Useful tips and advice when using Sage HR.

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We're over halfway through 2023 already. For many of our customers, it is summer and holiday season.

With this in mind, we want to share with you some tips to make managing HR easier during this period.

In this newsletter, we cover how to ensure your users are set up to approve and request time off for other employees, and how to prepare for when a time off approver is on holiday themselves. We also have advice on what to check if an employee reports that they have login issues.

Managing time off requests

The summer holidays are often a busy time when it comes to dealing with time off requests.

We recommend you check your time off permissions. Check you've set up your time off approvers, and have users assigned to roles where they can request time off for other employees.

📎NOTE: A user being able to approve time off requests doesn't automatically mean they can request time off for those employees. Direct managers can only request time off for their employees if they're also assigned as a team manager.

Prepare cover for HR tasks whilst an employee is on leave

An employee who is on leave maybe someone who has key responsibilities within Sage HR. For example, they are a time off approver and need someone else to approve requests whilst they are away.

Enable requirement for a 'replacement person'

One option is to configure an employee's time off policy to require selecting a replacement person. This means when that employee requests time off, they need to select someone to take care of time off requests or timesheet submissions when they're away.

Manually amend time off approvers

Another option is to temporarily amend time off approvers. You could add an individual approver for selected employees, then remove them when their original approver returns from annual leave.

Employee login issues

The majority of employee login issues we see are caused by an employee logging in with the wrong email address, or logging in before they set up their access from their welcome email. In many cases also, logging in even before they received a welcome email in the first place.

Make sure any new employee is aware not to log in to the Sage HR website or Sage HR app until they receive a welcome email from you.

If you ever have an employee report that they can't log in, use our login troubleshooting guide.

Help us to help you

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