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Getting started with Pulse Surveys
Getting started with Pulse Surveys

Create short surveys to send to your employees. Use the feedback they provide to identify areas that need improvement.

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Pulse surveys are a new tool for you to use to gather employee feedback on certain topics or matters quickly and frequently.

These are available alongside Engagement Surveys as part of the Performance module as a way to track progress on your initiatives and demonstrate that employee feedback is important to the organisation.

Pulse Surveys are 100% percent anonymous so your employees can feel comfortable giving you real feedback.

How to get to Pulse surveys

To get to Pulse surveys:

  1. Click Surveys.

  2. Click Pulse Surveys.

Create a Pulse Survey

It's an easy process to make a new survey. Just click Create new pulse survey. From there you can select a template and edit it.

Survey frequency

After you create a Pulse Survey and are happy with how it looks, the next step is to set your survey frequency. This is required before you activate your survey as you need to select how often you want the survey to be sent.

Pulse survey reports

Once your survey is activated, it appears under the active tab on the Pulse Surveys main page. From here you can click on the survey's card and access the report page (dashboard).

In the dashboard, you can review all the survey's general main data such as overall eNPS, categories score, Participation rate, and comments. The latest data displayed is always from the newest batch but you can review past data too by choosing the date of the survey batch at the top.

📎NOTE: To ensure the anonymity of the results, a minimum of three surveys filled is required before it displays the data on the report.

Pulse Surveys are part of the Performance management module in Sage HR. Check the Performance collection for more guidance on this module.

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