Sage HR Feedback feature is a solution for employee reviews and 360 appraisals and it's included in the Performance module. In this post, we'll go through the latest Feedback functionality: choosing feedback reviewers by role (their position in the organization).

📝 Note: To be able to use Feedback you need to enable the Performance module on your Sage HR. Read more here.

First things first, to choose who will be reviewing an appraisal start by creating a feedback form and saving it.

📌 Tip: You can learn more about how Feedback works by watching the video here.

Once your form is ready to be sent, find it under the Feedback > "Draft" tab and click on the "Send out" button in the form card, this will open the "Send out feedback form" window on your screen. 👀

send out feedback form window

👉 Now, it's time to select who will be reviewed and who will be the lucky reviewers.

  1. First, select the employee(s) getting reviewed and click on "continue".

  2. Once you've moved to the next step you'll see that now you'll able to choose feedback reviewers by role or select specific employees. 🎉

What's new?

  • A brand new design where you'll be fully guided through the process, from choosing who's getting reviewed to sending the feedback form.

  • In "Reviewers" (second step), two main actions to choose who will be giving feedback:

    • In the first card, you can now choose who will review feedback based on their roles (direct managers, team managers, direct reports, team peers etc.)

    • On the second card, you will be able to choose which employees can nominate who will give feedback about them.

  • Finally, you can now keep a track of whom you've selected by checking the list of on the right. 👀

list of employees and reviewers

For further help on setup, go to our Welcome hub.

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