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What is my Sage HR domain?
What is my Sage HR domain?

How to find out what your domain is to log into your Sage HR company.

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Your Sage HR domain is the bit before in your company's Sage HR URL. Your domain ensures you log into that specific company on Sage HR.

EXAMPLE: If the URL was, then overlookhotel is the domain.

📌TIP: You can log into the web version of Sage HR without knowing your domain. Simply go to and enter your credentials.

How do I find my company's domain?

From your welcome email

When an employee receives their welcome email or any Sage HR notification email, they have a link to your company's page. The domain is in that web URL.

📌TIP: Remember the domain is the bit before in the link.

If you click on the link this takes you to your company's Sage HR login page. You should bookmark or favourite this page for quick access going forward.

📎NOTE: If you can't find your welcome email, contact your employer as they can resend the welcome email to you. Please also check that they have the correct email address for you.

Look at company's Sage HR URL when you're logged in

Just check your URL bar when logged into your company.

Ask your employer

Your employer or HR admin can inform you what the company's Sage HR domain is. If they're unsure they can find this out from Sage HR after passing security questions.

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