The domain name in your Sage HR URL is your company name that goes into the browser bar before "".

🔧 EXAMPLE: If the URL was, then only overlookhotel is the domain.

Your domain ensures you are logging into your specific company on Sage HR Online Services.

📌TIP: You can log in to Sage HR without knowing your domain. Simply go to and enter your credentials. For steps on how to log in - Read more >


What is my company domain?

Ask your employer

Your employer can inform you what the company's Sage HR domain is.

There are other ways you can find out yourself which we explain below.

If you are already on your company's Sage HR page

Just check your URL bar when logged into your company.

From your welcome email

When an employee is granted access to sign in via Sage ID they receive an welcome email including the option to create a Sage ID. In that email is the link to your company's page which shows the domain.

Remember the domain is the bit before in the link.

If you click on the link this takes you to your company's Sage HR login page. You should bookmark or favourite this page for quick access going forward.

📎NOTE: If you cannot find your welcome email, contact your employer as they can resend the welcome email to you.

How to log in using your domain

  1. Be on your company domain page, which explained above you can get to from the link in your welcome email

2. The login screen should look like this:

3. Enter the correct email address, then click CONTINUE TO SIGN IN. You are redirected to the following Sage login page:

4. Enter your Sage ID email address and password, then click Log in. You will then be logged into your company on Sage HR.

If you are having problems trying to log in, check our login issue guide - Read more >

📌TIP: If you have a different issue to not knowing what your company domain is, try searching it in our knowledgebase using the search bar at the top. If you cannot find a relevant article, start a chat using the speech bubble icon on the bottom right.

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