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Set up user permissions
Set up user permissions
Set up permissions to control what you want your employees to have access to in Sage HR.
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Once you set up your employee data you should review your permissions.

Permissions settings

These settings allow you to tailor the different access levels.

  1. Click your name in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Click Settings, and on the settings menu, click Permissions.

There are seven different Permissions settings to configure:


These permission settings apply to all users in your Sage HR company, including admin users.


You can assign roles to your employees. Roles dictate what a user assigned to that role can or can't do in Sage HR. You can create new roles to have different permissions to the existing roles.

Some of your users will already be assigned to a role.

  • Administrator - The person who set up Sage HR is the Administrator by default is assigned the permission roles of both 'Employee' and 'Employee Administrator'. Any other user you give Administrator access to is automatically assigned as 'Employee Administrator' too

  • Employees - Any new employee added to Sage HR by default only has the permission role of 'Employee' until assigned another role

  • Direct manager - Any employee you've made a Direct manager is assigned the permission role of 'Direct manager'

  • Team manager - Any employee you've made a Team manager is assigned the permission role of 'Team manager'

📌TIP: There are multiple other default roles with pre-selected permissions available for you to assign users to or edit their permissions.

Manage roles

You can assign users to existing roles, you can even add new roles to have different permissions to other existing roles you already have.


This setting is where you can edit the permissions of your existing roles.

For example, you can customise a role so a user assigned to it is only able to send tasks to employees on the same team as them, rather than to anyone.


Here you can view any users you have given administrator access to. You can enable or disable their access to Settings.

📌 TIP: If you use Sage HR integrated with Sage 50 Payroll, this is also where you manage which Admins have access to view other employees' payslips.

Performance reports

You can enable or disable whether Direct Managers can access Performance reports of their employees that report to them.

📎NOTE: Only available if you have the Performance module.

Accountants permissions

An Accountant user can access time off and timesheets reports.

📎NOTE: Only available if you have the Leave Management module.


These settings apply to only employee users, such as controlling what details they can edit in their profile.

📌TIP: You can also amend the permissions of the role of 'Employee' role to further control what an employee user can see or do in Sage HR.

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