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Create an irregular hours time off policy

How to create a time off policy for employees who work irregular hours (UK only).

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So that employees you mark as irregular workers can have their time off hours allocated to them, you must create a specific time off policy to assign them to.

  1. Click your name on the top right, then click Settings.

  2. On the settings menu click Time off, then click Policies.

  3. Click Add new policy.​

  4. Next to Allocate, on the dropdown select based on time worked and accrue.

  5. Make sure you select This policy is for irregular hour workers.

    A box appears explaining the purpose of this option, how to allocate their time off, and that you can only assign employees marked as irregular workers to this policy.

  6. If you use the Timesheets module, you have two options for allocating allowance.

    • Administrator reports employee's worked hours - An administrator would manually enter the hours worked via Allocate time off allowance in the Time off tab off the employee's profile

    • Based on employee's approved timesheets - Time off will be accrued using approved timesheets

      📎NOTE: If you base it on timesheets, we recommend you align your timesheet periods with your pay periods.

  7. Configure the rest of the time off policy settings to what you need.

    📎NOTE: Some settings and options become unavailable for this type of policy.

  8. When you're done, click Save.

  9. Select the employees you want to assign to this policy. Only employees marked as irregular workers are available to choose from.

  10. Click Save.

    📎NOTE: As this is a labour-based policy, after you create the policy, some settings you may not be able to edit later.

You can now allocate time off to this policy via the employee's profile. You can also assign other irregular workers to this policy at any time.

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