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Set employee as an irregular hours worker

How to mark that an employee works irregular hours.

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Before you can assign an employee to an irregular hours time off policy, you must set them as an irregular hours worker.

You can do this as you create a new profile or from within an existing employee's profile.

New employee

When you add a new employee to Sage HR, as you create their profile you can select This employee is an irregular or part-year worker as you click through the employee setup screens.

This then tells you the employee is eligible for time off policies for irregular workers.

You can select this later within their profile.

Existing employee

You can also flag an employee as an irregular worker from within their profile.

On the Employee tab, select This employee is an irregular or part-year worker.

A box then appears explaining how to create a time off policy for irregular workers and how to allocate time off allowance by entering the amount of hours they've worked.

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