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Employee hasn't received their welcome email
Employee hasn't received their welcome email

What to do if you have added an employee to Sage HR, but they have told you they haven't received a welcome email.

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Before an employee can log in to your company in Sage HR, they need to set up their access from their welcome email. If they aren't receiving their welcome email this can be due to the following reasons:

  • You've entered their email address incorrectly e.g. there is a typo

  • You've used the employee's alternate email address e.g. they're checking their personal email address instead of their work email address

  • It's in the employee's junk folder

  • The employee's email security is blocking the welcome email

To resolve why your employee doesn't have a welcome email, make the following checks.

These checks slightly differ depending on how you have Sage HR set up.

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