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Control employee access to edit their profile
Control employee access to edit their profile

You can allow or prevent an employee to amend certain fields themselves. Other fields can can remove altogether.

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There are some fields an employee can edit themselves as long as you enable this access in Employee permissions.

There are some other fields that even though you can't control whether they can edit the field, you can remove the field from showing at all.

Below we explain which fields you can configure access for.

📌TIP: We have a useful guide that runs through all available employee fields, and whether an employee can edit them.

Fields you can prevent an employee to edit

In Employee permissions, you can choose whether employees can amend the following fields themselves:

  • Work email

  • Employment status

  • Nationality

  • Profile picture

  • Date of birth

  • Date of birth visibility

Fields you can remove

In Global permissions there are some fields you can prevent from showing in an employees profile altogether. This can be a workaround if it is a field they can edit, but you don't want them to be able to.

📎NOTE: These won't appear for all users if you deselect them.

  • Title (Mr./Mrs.)

  • Nationality

  • Employment status

  • Work phone

  • Driving licence

  • State

  • LinkedIn

  • Skype

  • Gender

  • Martial status

  • Employee #

  • Street 2

  • Home phone

  • Mobile phone

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