Prepare for holiday year-end

Steps to take before the end of the holiday year.

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To help you make sure you get your end-of-holiday-year tasks done, and to prepare you for the next calendar year, we run you through what you should get done before the end of the year.

Check employees' used and unused time off this holiday year

There are a few different ways you can check how many days employees have already used, and how many available days off they have remaining.

  • Employee's time off summary in their profile

  • Time off status report

  • Unused days report

📎NOTE: When you run your time off status report, you can only run this for either the current or previous year. We recommend you download the report to Excel in case you ever need access to this data in more than two years' time e.g. view time off status report for 2021 when in 2023.

Once you have the information you need, you can take relevant actions such as reminding employees to use their remaining annual leave or to sort out any carryover for the next calendar year.

📌TIP: You could create an announcement to remind employees about using booking their remaining annual leave and pin it to the top of your feed to make sure it is seen.

Manage carried-over annual leave for 2024

If employees do still have unused time off to take, it may be part of your company policy to allow them to carry over some unused annual leave for next year.

If your company does this, you can check your time off policies' settings to make sure you have carried over leave set up correctly. You can configure whether there should be a maximum amount of carried-over leave allowed, as well as set an expiry period for it.

📎NOTE: If you want to do this you must make sure any pending time off requests for 2023 is approved or declined before the end of the year.

Prepare your calendar for 2024

You can start preparing your calendar for next year.

This includes:

  • Create Blackout dates for 2024 - These are days on which your employees won't be allowed to book any leave

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